Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unsung Heroes

My aforementioned roommate and one of her ashtrays just moved all of her stuff to a new room!!! I get a night to myself and tomorrow I will have a new short-term roommate who is coming for a small surgery. I have been alone in my hospital room for approximately 15 minutes and suddenly feel a couple years younger, a few pounds lighter (though that is absolutely not possible) and much more clearheaded.

I am going to take this opportunity to mention two people who have not received their due praise on this blog.

Two weeks before I checked in to the hospital my mom came to town to help us. Since her arrival she has: cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, learned to navigate Copenhagen on her own, visited me at the hospital, picked Riley up and dropped him off at school, brought Riley to the hospital in rush hour to see me, taken care of Riley when he got something resembling the stomach flu, caught the stomach flu-like bug herself, put up with me when I have been crabby, and now she is helping care for Riley as he goes through the chicken pox. If there was a sainthood for living Jews, I would be nominating her for it.

Neil and I both realize how lucky we are to have my mom here and I am sure that on some level, Riley realizes he is lucky to have his Grandma Gloria here, too. She put her whole life on hold to be here when we really need her. I suppose that is one of the definitions of a good parent and I feel so fortunate that even at 34, I have a mom who is completely in my corner and whose life is flexible enough at the moment that she could drop everything to be here.

Hero number two is my amazing husband, Neil. He is working, caring for Riley, coming to the hospital for appointments with doctors in the daytime and returning once Riley is in bed to keep me company during the lonely evening hours. Oh, and he got the stomach bug Riley had, as well. Neil brings me ice cream and does my laundry, he helps me change the linnens on my hospital bed and helps cheer me up by watching Modern Family while we wait for my night monitoring. Neil has been just as nervous as me as we've gone through this pregnancy. He held his breath right along with me at the weekly ultrasounds before I checked in and he never sent me to an ultrasound alone.

Sometimes in a marriage, it is the tough times that really show the strength and character of love. I am very lucky to have married such a wonderful and caring man and to have him supporting me now as we wait and hope to bring these two little girls into the world.

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