Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Musings

I got to see Riley today! He is finally well enough to enjoy time out of the house and though we are still keeping him out of the hospital as a precaution, his chicken pox are mostly done and have turned into scabs. I didn't see him for 6 days, the longest we have gone not seeing each other since he was born. I was distracted during that time by two roommates, several conversations with doctors, visitors, etc. but it still wasn't easy. Today we went to brunch and after eating a little food, Riley laid down on the booth next to me and took a 2.5 hour nap. We spent quite a while at that restaurant. Fortunately, the staff was understanding and didn't kick us out.

It was very nice to have Riley sleeping beside me (and sometimes on me). I felt at peace for the first time in days. I wanted to smuggle him back to my hospital room and keep him here, but I can wait till tomorrow. I fervently hope that there are no additional childhood illnesses waiting in the wings to attack the poor little guy.

I had my first night alone in my room in more than a week last night and it is looking like I will get at least one more tonight. The midwives are actively trying not to give me a new roommate for a little while. I really appreciate it. Even though I really enjoyed meeting the last two women who stayed here, it is nice to have some alone time and to not have to expend more energy figuring out how to coexist with someone new in a small space under stressful circumstances.

I had a funny conversation with a midwife tonight. When I arrived at the hospital, the overhead light on my side of the room was wrapped in tin foil. Yes, that's right, completely wrapped in foil so that no light can escape it. At first I thought someone very strange must have stayed here who hated light. But after asking, I was informed that the light had been flickering and that is how it ended up in tin foil... Hmm. In my experience, a logical response to a flickering light is a light bulb change. But apparently not here. Here it must go something like this, "what? There is a flickering light? Quick, to the kitchen! Get that foil! Find a ladder!"

So, after a month of a dark room at night, I asked one of my favorite midwives about the light and she told me that the maintenance staff don't do anything anymore. She said the midwives don't like to have to call for maintenance over and over again because they have enough to do apart from worrying about the upkeep of the hospital. She said it used to be much better and she suspects part of the problem is the government's desire to save money and the she said, "I mean, you had to bring your own shower curtain! I saw that and I just laughed!" Then she promised to call someone about my light.

It is true, after a few days of showering with no curtain and getting water all over the place, I asked Neil to bring me a curtain and some hooks. Now I have a cute blue polka dot curtain which brings cheer to an otherwise drab and institutional bathroom and prevents me from flooding the place.

The televisions here are probably from the 80's and there are signs about DVD players that no longer exist. It is not a new hospital and it has not been updated. But, none of the physical stuff impacts the care I am getting here. It does, at times, make things a bit humorous though.


I have 17 days left until our scheduled c-section date. 17. It sounds like a lot, but at the same time, part of me thinks it will go rather quickly. Especially because, and I don't want to jinx it, but thanks to my doctor, I may have found some relief for the itchy rash. I'm optimistic. Stay tuned...

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