Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ice Hockey - (Not exactly about Denmark)

I am still clinging to Washington, DC. As much as I am enjoying Denmark, I came to love DC during the five years we lived there and I am holding on in many small ways. I still get the breaking news updates from the Washington Post so I know when my friends are going to have a tough commute and I also know when the president announces the death of Osama Bin Laden in the middle of the night. I still get the DC Groupon emails and am often tempted by the deals, only to realize it would be a bit tough to cash them in. And perhaps the largest way in which I am clinging to my old city is my love for the Washington Capitals hockey team.

Last night, the Capitals ended another season once full of promise, promise that was quickly and efficiently squandered. It was another heartbreaking finale and I must say, I am happy I didn't slog through it as a season ticket holder. When we were thinking about moving to Denmark, I worried about leaving my beloved Capitals and felt sad that we might miss their winning of the Stanley Cup. Thank goodness I didn't let that keep me there. Instead of moping around, wondering what to do with all of my red Caps clothing in the off season and worrying about which of my favorite players would be traded, I spent today exploring another part of Copenhagen, enjoying the weather and only occasionally feeling the familiar pain of a sports fan mourning a season. Thank you Copenhagen for being a fantastic distraction from another early playoff exit by my favorite team.

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