Friday, May 6, 2011

Becoming a Bit Danish

I have a new friend from Scotland who moved here about a month after I did. We met for coffee this week and I suggested grabbing a table outside and then heading in to purchase our drinks (and pastries). I parked Riley's stroller at the table and headed into the bakery when I realized my friend was hesitating by the table and, perhaps more accurately, her son. It was at this moment that I realized I have become a little bit Danish.

Three short months ago, I was first horrified at the thought of leaving Riley outside in his stroller and then I was reluctantly dabbling in leaving him outside. Now, I still don't leave him if I can't see him, but I also don't hesitate to park him outdoors and head into a shop or restaurant as long as they have nice big windows and/or an open door so I can hear Riley if he cries. I have learned that if I always take him in with me, he's more likely to wake up. I've also come to realize that the chances of someone taking him away in his stroller are quite low, especially if I have my eye on him. Yet, it's a bit shocking how quickly and completely I have adjusted from being the paranoid American to the trusting expat. Someone please remind me not to leave Riley out in his stroller when I go home for a visit next winter.

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