Thursday, May 5, 2011

Copenhagen in Photos

 I am still finding beauty in this city almost daily, whether it be an old street lined with cobblestone and ancient-looking houses (see left) or watching the flower shop employees set out their sidewalk flower displays in the morning while drinking a latte and breathing the crisp morning air.

I realize that I am very fortunate to have the time to explore Copenhagen and to pause to take in its beauty. There is something special about learning the rhythms of a city and I have the luxury and freedom to really learn Copenhagen's.

Many mornings Riley and I walk Neil to work downtown. On most of these walks Riley falls asleep and I am left with time to walk around on my own. This is how I came to enjoy the morning flower shop setup. I sit at an outdoor cafe (which is usually empty at that hour) and watch the young employees bring out crates of flowers and turn them into a beautiful flower display. Also on these mornings, I like to walk along Copenhagen's walking street and watch as the businesses set up for the day. Hanging flags, putting shoes out on the sidewalk, etc. There's something nice about watching a city wake up and come to life.


 Ever since my early posts, I have been trying to photograph Riley's stroller next to a traditional Danish stroller to show the massive size of these Danish strollers. At last, mission accomplished. Perhaps not the best photo, but I think it illustrates the fact that the strollers in Denmark are like little baby houses on wheels. It was a nice day when the photo was taken, so you don't get to see all the crazy bedding and warm layers these strollers have in the winter, but you do get the idea. Danish strollers are huge!

 Please note two relatively normal looking guys I saw on the metro the other day and then take a close look at the guy in shorts's socks. These brightly colored stripey socks are sold all over the place. It is harder to find a pair of plain black men's socks than it is to find a pair of orange striped socks in this country. Often a man will look completely normal (to this American) until I glance down and see the crazy colorful socks he is wearing. These are worn with suits, jeans, and apparently shorts (if you're that guy in the photo). I don't get it at all, but I do applaud these European men for embracing bright colors.

 During a rare trip to the mall, I was browsing a new toy shop when I noticed the shopkeeper was wearing a New Mexico t-shirt.

"Hey! That's my home state!" I exclaimed after looking at her. She seemed sightly shocked by my outburst, but I was not dissuaded. I proceeded to pepper her with questions. Had she been there? Where did she get the shirt? etc.

Turns out that among our many exports, we have sent Urban Outfitters to Denmark and that is where this Danish woman who has never been came to be the owner of a New Mexico t-shirt. She was nice enough to allow me to take her photograph.


Denmark has a thing for vikings. They were part of the country's early history and if you ignore the whole pillaging bit, they're cool. One of the few items of clothing we have purchased Riley since arriving is a viking t-shirt (see photo at left). I couldn't resist, the cotton was too soft and the viking was too unique, you wouldn't come across that shirt in the US! One of my favorite features of the t-shirt is the fact that the Danish flag is actually in the viking's helmet.

Aside from Riley's shirt, if you wander around Copenhagen you will see every manner of viking souvenir and many viking establishments. (see below)

 There is actually a viking ship museum nearby and I can't wait to go when it warms up a little bit more. We definitely do not (did not) have vikings in the US. Score one for Danish history.  Vikings are cool.

To the left are my neighborhood swans. Riley and I like to visit them as often as we can because they are huge, beautiful and very interesting to both of us. Recently, the swans have been missing from their normal shore where they hang out and get bread scraps from visitors. I was worried at first, but yesterday I located them by a nest with big white eggs in it. I am SO excited to see baby swans. I have said it before, but the swans are definitely one of the coolest things about living in Copenhagen. I feel so fortunate to be able to have them as neighbors.

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  1. Just found your blog! I grew up in Canada, live in South Carolina, have a 10 1/2 month old son & my mom is from Denmark. I was actually searching online for views outside the US on cosleeping & somehow stumbled on your blog - I love it! It is so wonderfully written, and the pictures are beautiful! I spent 6 months going to school in Denmark after high school & boy, do I miss the pastries! Also cool that you have a child about the same age as me. And I think DC is my favorite city in the US - my parents have taken many sabbaticals there & I've been there numerous times. I look forward to reading many more entries! If you ever want to correspond, my e-mail is