Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In the past week I have come across some extraordinarily bizarre signage here in Copenhagen. I used my trusty iPhone to take some photos for all of my blog-reading public.

The first sign to strike me as incredibly odd is in the window of my favorite store, Magasin. The flagship Magasin is right downtown Copenhagen in Kongens Nytorv (Kings Square) and they are advertising what looks to be a new fitness club but is actually a clothing brand. Check this out:

Note the arrow that always points right at the "Fitness Girl's" crotch

If you go to the brand's website, you will see some very European advertising. The model has an American accent and the clothes are American style, but the Jack and Jones Fitness Club campaign is definitely not American. It's WAY too sexually liberated and explicit to be. Beware, this link is probably not safe for work. 

Since I am an American, I find it very odd that an add campaign like this is featured in the windows of the equivalent of Macy's or Nordstrom right in the heart of downtown. It also says on the sign at Magasin something like "Jack and Jones Fitness, for all the action you're  going to get." Ha. Ha. 

Moving from porn to poop, please note the billboard below that is all over town:

A friend pointed this out to me and we both stood agape for a couple minutes asking ourselves, "Is that really poop? Right there on that big sign?"

Um, yes. Yes it is. Apparently the sign is about alternative fuel sources, which I support fully, but what I do not support is humongous pictures of poop hanging around. There must be a better way to get this message across. 

Finally, a less extreme sign was spotted in a bus this week. See below:

It's not the best photo, but please note that on this bus, you cannot drink wine, eat hot dogs or consume popsicles. I suppopse all other food and beverage is acceptable? 

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