Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Spring! A Photo Essay of My Saturday.

See above for proof that it is spring. Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Copenhagen. Probably the nicest day here so far and I spent it enjoying the morning with my friend Norah and her son BG and then enjoying the afternoon at the park with Riley. If Neil is going to be out of town, this is the way to spend a Saturday. I had just shed my down jacket and put it in the stroller basket when I came upon this patch of crocuses below a tree. Yay Spring!

On the way to the park I passed a new Halal slaughter house with an unfortunate name. (Yes, I am sometimes a 10 year old in a 32 year old's body.)

 My friend Norah had told me about this hilariousness but it was exciting to see it for myself. Apparently Butt is someone's name in this instance. Thanks Mr. or Ms. Butt for giving me a good laugh.

During today's visit to the library we came across this book which is entitled, "Small Dead Animals" which brings up an interesting thing about Danish culture. The Danes seem to have slightly different ideas about what is appropriate for children. Their children's television programs deal with more weighty topics than most American media for kids. For example, a show aimed at 10-year-olds here in Denmark is about a ten year old girl who kills six adults, one of them by removing a leg. Nope, not kidding.

And so, the above book is about some kids who wander around the forest collecting small dead animals and burying them in an animal cemetery. A tad too morbid for my American sensibilities... but a bit funny. I can't really picture myself reading this one to Riley.

Speaking of children's literature, I have been reading Riley Goodnight Moon every night before bed as sort of a nighttime ritual. The hope is that hearing the book and seeing the illustrations will trigger him to relax and then he'll nod off to sleep once put in his crib. It's been working for the most part. But, now that I am reading the book every single day at least once, I could recite it in my sleep. Of course, I've known it since I was little, but I never really noticed how existential the book is... I mean, "Goodnight nobody" with a blank page. That's kind of awesome - ok, really awesome.

Back to my Saturday - here's a contest. Does anyone know what this is and what you do with it? It was spotted at a local produce stand.

The produce here is looking better and better as are the flowers at the flower shops. I am guessing that there's a big market for fresh cut flowers here based on the number of amazing flower shops you come across in this city. Flowers are also one of the more affordable things to purchase. I think I am talking myself into purchasing some.

I learned something else today that is really surprising about Denmark. You can't just go name your child any old name here in Denmark. It must be on a government approved list of names. If you're like me, you first instinct is to say how terrible this - what a big lack of freedom. But, maybe it makes sense? It would prevent people from naming their kids really unfortunate names. Apparently in Denmark, if you would like to use a name not on the list, you can petition the government. If they approve it, you're allowed to give that name. If a new name is approved 25 times, it's added to the official list. Not such a bad system. I am still up in the air on this. Is it a good idea, or a serious deprivation of freedom? I am guessing the approved list is fairly expansive. But still, what if you want to be a little creative, but not cruel?

Speaking of kids, the sunny Saturday concluded with Riley taking his first swing ride at the park. They have baby swings, but I had to pad Riley's with my coat to make him fit properly. He seemed to enjoy himself. I'm looking forward to many more swinging sessions at the park this spring and summer.


  1. I absolutely love Goodnight Moon. It's also part of Melia's nightly ritual. My favorite part is "Good night stars, good night air." Did you notice that the light in the room dims as the book progresses? There's so many subliminal messages in that book, I find myself yawning by page 4. It works on so many levels! :)

  2. cool post. i had heard about the name thing. the veggies really look like a version of Japanese goya, which is super super bitter and good fried with other veggies or meat. they are really good fried as chips mmmm! I'm pretty sure that's what that is. I think in English it's 'bitter melon' or 'bitter gourd' and is the same probably in Danish. Who knows.

  3. Sea cucumber?? Land and sea cucumber?

    Also love goodnight moon. Any of those phrases makes me sleepy.