Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kinder Eggs

One of the great things about living in Europe is that I can buy Kinder Eggs whenever I want.  Yes, it's silly, but I love them. If you haven't heard of kinder eggs, they are chocolate eggs with little plastic capsules inside. In the capsule is a toy. Many times the toys are in little parts and you get to assemble them, but sometimes they are just in one piece. We don't sell these things in the US because someone would choke on the toy and they would then sue - at least, I am pretty sure that is why.

I actually don't really eat the chocolate eggs. I just buy them for the little toys. I have been collecting Kinder Egg toys since college. It is a slow thing to collect because I only get them when in a foreign country. 

Today, I bought myself a three pack in honor of Easter and I opened them at the kitchen table while Riley was eating dinner. Part of me realized that I shouldn't open them in front of him in case he wanted the toys which would be too small for him to play with, but the other part of me was excited to see what the eggs contained. 

I first opened one with a rabbit in it. It came in a few pieces, I assembled it, made it hop by pressing on it's back as the illustration indicated and moved on to the next egg. Riley looke once or twice, but was not interested. The next egg contained a hippie musician dog. Not much assembly required. Riley couldn't care less. The final egg had a strange blue three-eyed monster in it. When it came out of the egg Riley's face lit up and he started yelling. "ooh ooh. oh. ooh. aaah"  which basically means, "Give that to me or I will keep yelling." So, since there were no little parts to this guy, I let him play with it for a while. He happily threw it around and laughed when I made it walk toward him on the table.

But, really? He went for the weird little monster over a dog and a rabbit? Does this reveal something about his personality? 

The three kinder egg toys. Riley's favorite is in the middle.

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