Sunday, April 28, 2013

One month old

Hooray! We are one month old! (Aviva on the left, Violet in yellow)

My adorable girls are a month old. We have been home with them for two weeks and it has been exhausting but fantastic. The beeps and alarms of the NICU are fading from our memories, we aren't kept awake by other people's screaming kids and we get to have our family together.

Violet and Aviva are still gaining strength and getting bigger. We think they will be eating all their food on their own within a couple weeks and the feeding tubes can finally be a thing of the past.

I am loving being in my own home and with Riley and Neil more. It is crazy to think that I was living at a hospital for nearly nine weeks. I miss some of the midwives who cared for me while I was there, but not enough to move back in.

The reality of being a mom of twins is slowly sinking in. I didn't let myself think about it too much during pregnancy because I wanted to get the babies out alive first. But as we inch toward being finished with the feeding tubes and the nurse visits, we are coming out of being in a rare and perilous situation - monoamniotic twins! Premature babies! Extended stay in the neonatal unit! to being a normal family with newborn twins. Turns out, this isn't very easy. We have three kids under three years old. It is a zoo around here.

The girls eat and get diapers changed every three hours, and until they are done with the feeding tubes, I pump every three hours at different times from their meals. This basically gives me 30 min between things to do things like nap, eat, and shower. It is brutal. And yet, I feel it has all been worth it and will continue to be so as long as I am blessed to be these little girls' mom.

I must now give into my exhaustion and get some sleep.

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