Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zebra and Elephant

We recently told Riley (our 2.5 year old) that there are two babies in my ever-enlarging belly. He knew about one for quite a while, but when we learned that I am carrying monoamniotic twins, we weren't sure when or if we should tell him there are two. We envisioned a number of heartbreaking scenarios where we had to explain to him what happened to the two babies. Now that I am 25 weeks pregnant, we are all feeling more optimistic about the outcome of this pregnancy and we decided to start talking to Riley about the two babies we will hopefully be bringing home this spring.

Today, Neil asked him if he had any names in mind for the babies. Apparently, he does... Zebra and Elephant. Good thing toddlers don't regularly name babies.

My pregnancy is going along. I suppose you could call it smoothly, though a monoamniotic pregnancy is really never smooth. I have one more week of freedom before I will be checking into the hospital here in Copenhagen to have the babies monitored frequently before they are born ( hopefully in late March).

Originally, we were supposed to move home by now, but because of this pregnancy, we decided to stay on for an additional year. This decision was just one of many tough decisions we made in the last few months. I was certainly torn about leaving Denmark and our life here, but at the same time, I was happy to be returning to the US and to being closer to our friends and family. But, a stressful move in the middle of this pregnancy just didn't seem like the right thing for us to do. So we remain in Copenhagen and the adventure continues. With a bit of luck, soon we will have two little girls, who Riley plans to call Zebra and Elephant, to join us on our adventure.

Thanks to everyone for the continued positive thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate them.


  1. Wow - big change! I am sure it was super-stressful to make, but hopefully more relaxing to have made it. As always, sending big hugs and super positive thoughts!!

  2. How bout shortening those Riley picked to Ellie and Zeb? Okay Zeb needs a little work doesn't it? :) I remain optimistic with you two and look forward to your updates dear Jodi. So proud of you all for making sound tough decisions together. Strength in trials we never would pick for ourselves, right? Virtual hugs from Seattle.