Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Popcorn Bathing!

While we're on the topic of Vuggestue, I should mention the summer party that Riley's school threw at the beginning of Denmark's summer. We all still had to wear long sleeves and pants, and it was a very rainy day, but it was a lot of fun. All the parents were invited and everyone was to bring something to eat. The party lasted from about 3 to 6 and included a snack time at the beginning, a singing session where the teachers showed us all the morning songs they sing, a pot-luck dinner and, perhaps most importantly: Popcorn Bathing.

I have a vague notion that popcorn is not a favored snack for young kids in the United States. It's a choking and aspiration hazard, so I was completely surprised to see huge tubs of the stuff in every classroom after the singing session at the party. A fellow parent said to us, in English, "The popcorn bathing is down the hall." I thought he must have misspoken. Popcorn bathing? But, his description was incredibly accurate. What followed was a lot of fun. Kids were jumping in the tubs, eating the stuff, throwing it and having an amazing time.

The American in me was saying several things in my head, "This isn't safe! This isn't hygenic! Eeew, I can't believe Riley is eating that popcorn from the floor!" On the other hand, the kids were having SO much fun. Nobody choked and I am sure the freshly popped popcorn was cleaner than other things Riley had eaten that day at school. At a point I let go and just enjoyed the craziness.

Riley throwing popcorn at his teacher Morton

Filling a truck with popcorn

We haven't made a habit of snacking on popcorn at home, or bathing in it. But it was a very fun afternoon.

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