Monday, April 2, 2012

Starbucks in Vienna

In February, we traveled to Vienna for the second time as a family. Like last year, it was a great escape from cloudy winter for a more sunny winter. We got to see the fantastic ice rink in front of City Hall, visited Zoom Children's Museum and explored the Hundterwasser museum.

One day, Riley and I spent some time in the Starbucks. I know, Americans traveling abroad and going to Starbucks is a terrible cliche. But keep in mind that Copenhagen has only one Starbucks and it is at the airport. Also, a grande, skim, one-pump-vanilla earl grey tea latte is more than $10 at the Copenhagen Starbucks. So, forgive me if I sometimes seek a bit of American comfort at Starbucks locations across Europe.

This particular Starbucks is very nicely located in the heart of Old Vienna by the Hofburg palace. We sat in a booth with a spectacular view out the window.
 Hard to beat, I think, in terms of views from Starbucks. Riley enjoyed an "American Pancake" which looks like a pancake but is really a sugary pancake-like confection. I enjoyed looking out the window.

A few minutes into our time in the window-front booth of the-most-ideally-located Starbucks on the planet, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. Tourists kept walking up, pausing, having friends photograph them standing in front of Starbucks and then walking away. We saw no fewer than 8 pairs of people do this within a 15 minute period. At first I thought that perhaps there was something historic on the wall outside the Starbucks. Then I thought, maybe there is a funny sign on the door? I couldn't bring myself to think that all these people were posing in front of a Starbucks for a photo. Especially given what was across the street. "Hello! Do you not see the amazing and massive palace across the street? Pose with that!"

When we left the restaurant after out snack, I looked all around to see what people were posing with and I discovered that it was, in fact, Starbucks. What I really wonder now is, what do all those people do with their silly photos in front of Starbucks? And why didn't any of them come in for a drink?

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