Friday, January 13, 2012

Neglected Blog

This poor blog! So very neglected. I have approximately one million posts in my head that were meant to be written down. I suppose this is what happens when caring for an 18-month-old, living in a foreign country, traveling and entertaining visitors. I am committed to post more frequently here in 2012. In addition to posting new posts, I hope to do some back blogging. There are a few things I want to mention: Danish campaigns (particularly campaign signs), Danish Christmas decorations and window displays, The bridge to Sweden, Hockey in Sweden, Coratia and Israel.

Meanwhile, I have just returned from five weeks in the US where I experienced reverse culture shock. The most amusing was my complete lack of understanding when it came to the size of shopping carts at the grocery store. They are freaking huge! Mammoth! I couldn't understand how my cute little 89-year-old grandma (who must be under 5 feet) could even reach the handle to push the things. They are SO BIG. I was also overwhelmed by the choices at all grocery stores and places like Target. I found myself just staring at the shelves not knowing what to choose, but simultaneously enjoying my abiliy to read all the labels.

I also truly enjoyed eavsedropping and talking to random people with the comfort of knowing that I was not asking them to speak in a foreign language. Our time in the US was fantastic, because it's home and because we saw our friends and family.

But, it's nice to be back here in our cozy apartment as the days begin to get longer and longer and every store in Denmark is having a sale.

Here's to more adventures in Danish (even if I don't yet speak the language). Happy 2012!

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