Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frogs go what???

Riley and I returned to the magical music session this morning and it was just as good as last week. Same delicious bread. Same adorable songs. Except for one new one we had not heard about a stork and a frog. I know it was about a stork and a frog because the song leader held up paper cutouts of a stork and a frog. It was a lovely little song, except for one thing - at some point in the song, the frog very clearly went, "Quack, quack, quack."

The church where the music happens
Now everybody knows that frogs say "Ribbit" and ducks say "Quack" so I was wondering to myself if they just didn't have a cutout of a duck, or if the frog in the song was a confused frog who thought he was a duck, and what did the stork have to do with anything? 

When the singing was over, one of the song leaders came and spoke to me in English. She wanted to know if this was my first week and what I understood of the songs. I explained that we'd been last week, we really enjoy coming and don't understand much unless it's a song like "Wheels on the bus" that we know in English. She nodded and explained one of the songs they sing each week - I had no clue what it was about -  but it turns out it's about a bakery. As she was about to leave I called her back, "Wait," I said, "what do frogs say?"

"Quack, quack, quack."

I explained that in the US ducks say quack. She looked slightly shocked and assured me that frogs say quack. I told her they say ribbit and wondered aloud what I would tell Riley.

"Well," she said, "Tell him it's a European frog."

Good idea!


  1. Frogs and storks, huh? Um, yeaahhhhh... BRB.

  2. hilarous!
    I remember one of the more bizarre classes in my high school spanish class was going over what animals say in spanish.
    dogs say "guau guau, guau" instead of bow-wow or ruff, and roosters say "kikirikí, ki-kiri-ki" instead of cock-a-doodle-doo

  3. LOL. Can't wait to learn more about what other Danish animals say... Ruthie would probably fight with the lady - she's very definitive about her animal sounds.

  4. What do ducks go?