Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things We Like About Denmark So Far

1. People move out of the way for strollers on buses and metro trains.
2. We have swans and ducks in a pond very near our home. (I have always wanted to live near swans)
3. The pastries are out of this world amazing. This is both good and bad.
4. There is a spire on a building with four dragons whose tails are intertwined. It is very cool. We don't think anything like this would be built in America.
5. We get money back for recycling plastic bottles - real money, not just a nickel.
6. There are several cobblestoned walking streets downtown with all kinds of shops and restaurants that are fun to explore.
7. The hot waffles found on the walking streets are, perhaps, the best things we have ever eaten.
8. The royal guards have a parade every couple of hours when they change shifts that includes a 30 minute concert in front of the royal palaces.
9. The royal guards wear big funny furry hats.

10. There are all kinds of great paths and parks for walking and biking.
11. We have a kitchen table and Riley has his own room.
12. We live near a beach.
13. Handball is amazingly awesome - see future post for more details.
14. There's a big park on the edge of town with hundreds of deer in it and we can take a train there and go for walks.

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